1. Membership of the European Convention Bureau is strictly under the laws of England and Wales and the terms contained herein and participating members are deemed to have accepted that these terms and conditions shall govern their membership at all times without variance.

2. Membership runs for four quarters in any specified year and all subscriptions are payable in advance, save where a member enrols for more than one year in order to benefit from a guaranteed subscription rate, in which case they fall due upon the 1st day of that quarter each subsequent year. The only exception to the foregoing is where membership is formally bartered in exchange for goods or services to be provided during or outside the membership period. In the event of the goods or services not being provided then the full subscription appertaining at the time they would have been provided immediately becomes due in lieu of those goods or services. 2a. Members must give two full calender months notice before the end of their current year In the event of non-payment of a subscription with no dispute, any agreed discount is waived and the full subscription becomes due, the cost of all recovery action shall fall upon that member and a late payment charge 3% per month or part thereof will be added to the outstanding balance until settled. Membership renews automatically from year to year unless cancelled in writing two full months prior to expiry.

3. Membership of the European Convention Bureau is restricted venues and companies within the continent of Europe, organizations who's function results in promoting European destinations and companies providing transport into Europe.

4. Membership includes a full colour page on the Euro-Congrès Internet site at and a hypertext link to member's own site should they have one, representation on the European Convention Bureau stand at all shows at which the foundation exhibits during membership and one or two persons present at all functions organized by the European Convention Bureau during membership.

5. Throughout their participation members are responsible for the following.
5a. Updating the European Convention Bureau with changes of address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and website changes.
5b. Updating and checking the accuracy of their own information on the Euro-Congrès Internet site.
5c. Ensuring a supply their brochures are delivered to the address provided in the Newsletter prior each and every exhibition where the European Convention Bureau has a stand.
5d. Ensuring they are represented by one or two people at every Euro-Congrès Soirée held in London, England.

6. It is a requirement of belonging to the European Convention Bureau. that members must at all times behave in a professional manner acting in the best interests of their clients, by providing their clients with services to the best of their ability.

7. Every member must have a formal complaints procedure in place to deal with their clients' complaints. Should the European Convention Bureau receive a complaint against a current member, from a client who has come through the Euro-Congrès website, an exhibition lead from our stand or other event, where that client has exhausted that member's own complaints procedure, the European Convention Bureau will make such inquiries as it deems necessary and take such action as seems appropriate, informing the member first and then the client.

8. All publicity appearing on the Euro-Congrès Internet site or sent for distribution at shows is subject to approval by the European Convention Bureau, who may at their sole discretion decline anything they believe could cause offence to anyone.

9. Any former member who continues to use the names Euro-Congrés or European Convention Bureau on their stationary, publicity material or in any way represent themselves to be members after their membership has ceased, shall be liable to pay the full annual subscription for each and every year in which they have done so.

10, An existing member who introduces a new member, shall benefit from a 10 % discount on their own subscription, when they renew the following year.

1 February 1996.

The information contained herein is and remains the copyright of the European Convention Bureau.

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