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Really great meetings don't just inform; they inspire!

Few areas of the travel business demand as much care and attention to detail as Meetings and Incentive Travel. Incentive travellers are often the top performers in their companies; they are in every sense high flyers. They seek the highest standards of professionalism measured by flawless and imaginative executive execution of their travel programmes.

The meetings business is no less demanding. Delegates tend to be frequent travellers, people who have a basis for comparison and are not easily impressed. It is no surprise therefore, that the professional meetings organizer is constantly on the lookout for that special location which combines comprehensive facilities and the extra dimension needed to ensure a successful event.

Ireland is just such a place. We have carefully developed the infrastructure to support the most sophisticated meetings and incentive travel itineraries... the exclusive castles and hotels, the 'state of the art' communications facilities, the visitor attractions, the unique entertainments... and we have placed them within an environment of stunning natural beauty.

It's not for nothing that Ireland is known as the 'Emerald Isle'. for seen from the air when flying into the country, you are immediately struck by the lush green fields and forests.

Ireland's people are also gems... By coming to Ireland for your conference, you are assured a warm welcome from a people who's gift for hospitality goes back many generations.

The relaxed atmosphere in Ireland lends itself to meetings and seminars which are unhurried. Venues range from historic castles and buildings where time seems to have stood still over the centuries, through to the latest shiny, purpose built, high-tech conference centres.


The Europe Hotel, Killarney

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