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This is the Euro-Congrès background information page!

The British launch took place in February 1986 at Dolphin Square in London, where the project already had the backing of the British Tourist Authority amongst many others, including hotels, conference centres, convention bureaux and ancillary services companies throughout Europe who are joining the European Convention Bureau to promote their services with their fellow Europeans.

The purpose of this important development is to promote European Conference and Meeting facilities to a world-wide audience of meeting planners, event and conference organizers, this includes incentive travel, groups, seminars and all aspects of business travel. Statistics tell us that bookings for conferences and incentive travel are the most reliable, because they are less likely to be cancelled than any other type of business travel, so it makes sense to target this most lucrative area of the market.

On the Internet version of the Annual a "Click Button" is usually incorporated on a page, to provide a link directly to the Home Page of the member concerned, if they have their own Internet pages. Both the Internet and CD-Rom versions of the Euro-Congrès Meetings Guide have the facility for enquiries to be channelled back to members.

In his introduction to the first edition of Euro-Congrès Meetings Guide, the President of the European Parliament, Klaus Hänsch, says, "An initiative such as Euro-Congrès, offering a showcase for Europe's diversity, attracting friends and neighbours from other continents to come and see for themselves, can play its part in improving international understanding. I welcome its positive and practical contribution."

The leading figure behind the project is the well known travel writer and the former editor of the "Conference & Convention Organizer" David Aherne, (Michael David deLacy Aherne) A member of M.P.I., he serves as the Director of the Bureau and Managing Editor of the Meetings Guide.

The Meetings Guide is sent, free of charge, to those meeting planners who request a copy to use for selecting venues and services in Europe.

The report, produced for DG23 of the European Commission and released at the EIBTM, highlighted the need for a concerted effort to promote European conference and meeting facilities.

Funded entirely by its membership, the project places no additional burden upon the European Community. The European Convention Bureau gives the European meetings industry, the voice it has been lacking until now.

Euro-Congrès is taking its message out to where the buyers are, with a stand at Confex in London, the EIBTM in Geneva, the IT&ME in Chicago and the BTC in Florence, representing and promoting the member's facilities, members can always take a little extra space, so one of their own staff can speak to potential buyers directly.

Meeting planners can request their free copy of the Meetings Guide or for further information on the Euro-Congrès project . . . Please visit our Response Page

Telephone: Int + 44 (0) 1 273 565 565

Facsimile: Int + 44 (0) 1 273 888 212

E Mail: Admin@euro-congres.org

or write to: Euro-Congrès, International House, 223 Regent Street, London, England, W1R 8QD


Last Revised 4 December 2000

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